Welcome to Zero Index

We help game developers grow faster by providing talent from East Sweden. The twin cities of Linköping and Norrköping represents a region well known for its games incubator, university and focus on games development, visualization, AI and deep tech.  

We work close with local actors like East Sweden Game, Linköping university, Visual Sweden, Valla Game Education to find the best talent for you.

Games development

We can boost an existing team, or take responsible of entire game dev projects. 

Tools & Tech

We are experts in making incredibly cool stuff like VR, AR, game engines, AI, tools and nextgen visuals.

Porting & Maintenance

We make sure your games works on all platforms with the latest updates.


Zero Index AB
c/o East Sweden Game
Wahlbecksgatan 25
582 16 Linköping




Zero Index is a proud member of the Swedish Games Industry and East Sweden Game.